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Nordic e-infrastructure collaboration on the agenda

Around 160 scientists and technical experts from the Nordic  countries and around the world are  attending the opening of the Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference 2013. Neic 2013 is the first conference of its kind, and the event is in itself an official starting point for 10 years of Nordic collaboration in the field of e-infrastructure and the handling of scientific data.

The conference is hopsted hosted by UNINETT Sigma and NTNU, together with the newly formed Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC).. This year's program title is Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration: Lessons, Opportunities and Future Directions.

Plenary sessions, debates and workshops

The two first days of the conference have consisted of workshops, with topics such as security, data services and web portals for scientific use. The plenary session opened Wednesday morning, with talks by Petter Kongshaug (UNINETT), Torbjørn Digernes (NTNU) and Gudmund Høst (NeIC), among others. Neic 2013 will go on until lunchtime Thursday.

Memorandum of understanding for the next ten years

The Nordic countries have all agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding for the years 2013 – 2023. The memorandum is an assurance for further development of the NeIC collaboration. This is the first time the Nordic countries have made such a long-term commitment within the field of e-infrastructure cooperation. The memorandum was announced in a press release from Neic.

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All sessions have been streamed and are available here

The Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference, 13 - 16 May 2013


Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration: Lessons, opportunities and future directions

The first Nordic e-Infrastructure conference marks the 10-year anniversary of Nordic collaboration in computing and storage services for science. The aim of the conference is to couple Nordic user communities with the skill base that exists within the national e-Infrastructure organisations to develop ideas and to elicit the opportunities for cost-efficient common solutions and joint e-Infrastructure services.

Some of the questions that will be addressed by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference are:

  • Why do we need Nordic collaboration on e-infrastructures? 
  • Which areas are best suited for Nordic collaboration?
  • Who are the major Nordic user communities, and what are their needs?
  • How can we develop joint strategies for facing future challenges?
  • How can we jointly increase awareness of the opportunities that e-infrastructures offer?

The programme is aiming to learn from past experiences, showcase the present activities and explore the future opportunities and emerging technologies.  User-centric presentations spanning the range from natural sciences to social sciences and humanities will be complemented with more technology-oriented sessions on topics such as data services and cloud applications. The conference takes place 15 & 16 May, and will be preceded by workshops and training days 13 &14 May, aiming to accommodate the needs of both technical support personnel and Nordic user communities within topics like centre operations, security, data services, and science gateways. 

 Sponsors & Partners



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Norwegian University of Science & Technology


Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing