Introducing 100G Transmission & OTN in the Nordics

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TrackTrack 1 -- Lecture Hall X on the First Floor
DescriptionDuring 2013 NORDUnet procured for a new optical transmission platform, and expanded their fibre footprint to include Amsterdam and London. The new network is NORDUnet’s answer to the NREN community’s demand for both high capacity and flexibility. It is served through a mix of 100G wavelengths and fast provisioned restorable 10G services at all core sites.
The following main themes will be presented:
The driving technologies behind this significant upgrade in capacity are new modulation formats that combined with a flexible allocation of the optical grid ensure that the network can go beyond the current 100G per channel limit.
Concepts like network sharing and alien wavelengths form an integrated part of the design, allowing NORDUnet to establish diverse routes to all core sites without traversing paths already covered by other NRENs.
The introduction of OTN is further coupled with an intelligent control plane that allows fast provisioning of the OTN core as well as automatic restoration in case of fibre breaks, which is the most frequent cause for service interruptions.

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