"UH-sky" - A Community Cloud for the Norwegian Research and Education Community

 Kristin   Selvaag
TrackTrack 3 --Lecture Hall IX on the First Floor
DescriptionThe CIOs of the four largest universities in Norway share the opinion that the R&E-sector will have to solve their ICT-challenges in a collaborative manner in the future. They also understand the potential in cloud computing. And, they appreciate that a collaborative approach to cloud service utilization could be a catalyst for future collaboration on general ICT activities.
Together with UNINETT's management the CIOs started an initiative to establish a community cloud which will act as a cloud service broker (aggregator and integrator) for the sector. They anticipate that this platform of collaboration will eventually evolve into a platform for delivery of all common ICT-services within the R&E-sector in Norway.This is quite ambitious for various reasons. Cloud Computing is in itself an evolving concept, and though it is hardly a hype anymore, it is constantly developing. It is important to keep pace to be able to harvest the promised benefits of Cloud Computing. Another aspect is that though the CIOs agree upon this initiative they are quite different in many ways. Finding common areas where they can envision actual benefits according to their own strategies is essential to succeed in the collaboration. There are also potential pitfalls regarding financing of this common cloud initiative, at least for now.  The CIOs will have to pitch in, either with money or people in this startup period of the program. Of course that is not straightforward for the CIOs.
In this presentation we will share how we propose to reach our ambition, and what we think will be necessary to succeed. We will share what we have done so far, the problems we have encountered and the problems and potential we see ahead.

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