Making Mobile Data Consumption Affordable for Higher Education Students in Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Michel Wets
Fredrik Persson Jonhed
TrackTrack 2 -- Lecture Hall IV on the Main Floor
DescriptionThe research and education community is increasingly “cutting the cord” and research and education users are rapidly adopting mobile devices and a “nomadic” work style, both on and off campus. They want to be able to go online anytime and anyplace. However, the current mobile services (3GP; 3G and 4G services) supplied by commercial providers in many countries do not offer sufficient value: subscription costs are too high, data bundles (i.e. the data traffic permitted) are too low, and the mobile services are not connected to the research and education IT infrastructure. This limited and fragmented experience impedes the research and education community in their work.
Sweden is, through SUNET, collaborating in an international project to make mobile data consumption affordable for students and staff of higher education institutions in four countries (Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden). These discounted smartphone and data-only services are expected to become available in Q1 2015.
During this presentation Michel Wets (project leader) will present on the procurement process and Fredrik Persson Jonhed (SUNET) will focus on the current offers on the Swedish mobile market and the added value SUNET expects to gain in this process and a brief list of expected marketing efforts promoting these services.

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