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The NORDUnet Conference 2014 closed today at Uppsala University. The magnificent surroundings of the University’s main hall provided a majestic setting for an inspiring conference.

The 28th NORDUnet Conference attracted more than 200 participants from around 20 countries to a mix of plenary and parallel sessions, panel discussions, workshops and BoFs.

Innovation and collaboration

On the agenda was Nordic, European and global innovation and collaboration, as well as future developments, current challenges and recent results within the broad spectrum of topics covered by the conference.

The opening session highlighted the transition of services from local and national to regional and global, underlining the need for continued expansion of high capacity research and education networks. The emergence of big data, characterized by the three V’s; volume, velocity and variety, is making data scientist the coolest job of the decade.

Lightning talks – all you need to know in five minutes

When eleven experts give you the essentials of a variety of topics within five minutes each, information overflow is a risk. As usual, the format worked brilliantly, and amongst other things one could learn:

  • The ISO27k will not make you popular, but it may change the way you work. - Urpo Kalla, CSC
  • The TERENA Greenhouse project: is helping the community to grow beautiful software – Nicole Harris, TERENA
  • CBP (Campus Best Practice) is sharing best practices across Europe – Tom Myren, UNINETT

Parallel sessions – from bits and bytes to education politics

The parallel sessions covered a wide range of topics throughout the three days of the conference, such as clouds, campus networks, security, digital exams, data management, just to mention a few. All sessions were recorded and are avalable from the conference website.

Welcome to Finland

The closing plenary saw Steven Newhouse of EMBL-EGI go through the curses and blessings of e-infrastructures, before the NORDUnet flag was passed to CSC/Funet, organizers of the next NORDUnet Conference in Finland 2016.

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