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WS: Sensitive Data (cont'd)

Gard Thomassen
Session chairGard Thomassen
TrackWS Track 1
DateTuesday, 5 May 2015
Time15:30 - 17:00
DescriptionPresentations are available at this url:

Serving research communities with storage, high-performance computing and software has until recently been dominated by IT-infrastructure for data with no privacy constraints. Projects with sensitive information (health, sex, religion, etc) have in general been small and hosted by offline desktops or within clinically approved hospital networks. The already present genomic data deluge combined with increased use of high definition images (fmri etc), video, sound and not at least the possibility of online data-harvesting (of sensitive data) covering thousands of respondents have changed the picture.

This workshop will try to cover many aspects of the challenges that follows these new and vast demands. The list of topics covered will include but not be restricted to :

    What is sensitive data
    User requirements vs IT-security
    Authorization and Authentication
    Harvesting sensitive data
    HPC for sensitive data
    Sharing sensitive data
    Storing and archiving sensitive data
    Registry data online
    Initiatives in the Nordics to meet the demands
    Coming solutions and challenges

This workshop is for anyone who does or plans to serve user groups having sensitive data, or for any member of these existing or coming user groups. We will try to enlighten you with regarding infrastructure initiatives, existing solutions, infrastructure architecture and caveats, solution planning and a small tour into the rules and regulations that systems must meet. Although these regulations are not in any way updated to face the reality of researchers being able to map the full genome of tens of people on one single sequencer in a matter of 6 days.