Topology information management in a multi-domain network – GEANT

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DescriptionThe aim of this presentation is to show practical aspects of the topology information management in multi-domain federated network. The authors will leverage their knowledge and experience gained during the deployment of the Common Network Information Service (cNIS) in NRENs within the confines of the GEANT3 project (FP7-ICT 238875).
cNIS was designed to be an integrated network topology repository that manages IP, Ethernet and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) data within a single administrative domain 1. During a testing phase it proved that the expectations of service designers from GEANT community for having a versatile network discovery engine can be met 2. Currently cNIS belongs to the GN3 workflow tool providing together with the AutoBAHN system the implementation of the Path Provisioning element of the GEANT Multi-domain Bandwidth on Demand service.
The BoD is a service for automatic provisioning of bandwidth in the GÉANT Service Area . It is being introduced in NRENs in a 12-month, three-phase pilot programme. During the technical pilot phase cNIS was deployed in 5 participants -GEANT, GRNET, HEANET, JANET and PIONIER .
The authors will summarise the cNIS pilot in NRENs, paying particular attention to:
• state of the report for L1/L2 information management,
• two approaches for a network discovery (layer vs device) and how it matches the NRENs testbed and production networks,
• human aspects for automatic network discovery i.e. how NOCs trust the automatic tools,
• how NOCs evaluated major cNIS features like plugins for network discovery,
• lesson that have been learnt during the course of the pilot or pilot planning,
• the next steps to be taken following the global strategy of meeting the expectations of multi-domain service users,
• cNIS development perspective with long-term goals of cNIS development towards NG NMA communication interfaces

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