NET+: Internet2's Above the Net Service

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DescriptionFrom the start, the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs)
were connectivity providers building the high-performance datanetworks
for their constituencies. While this is still an area of great
importance, quickly moving to speeds of 100 Gbit/s and incorporating
programmability through Software Defined Networking, middleware and
services have quickly became an essential part of their work to stay
relevant for the institutes for Research and Education.
An explosion of very relevant online services are being offered now,
some by the NRENs themselves but the majority through commercial
providers. Can we as the R & E Community easily integrate them, and
seamlessly use these services?
Leveraging the Internet2 Network and enabling services like InCommon
federated identity management, Internet2 is developing a portfolio of
service offerings. The goal? To create access to services that are
cost-effective, easy to access, simple to administer, and tailored to
the unique needs of the R & E community. The name for this is NET+ Services.
This talk will dive into what NET+ is and how it works. It will also
zoom in to how the R & E Community can work together on this at a global

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