EUDAT – the pan-European Collaborative Data Infrastructure.

Damien Lecarpentier
TrackTrack 2 Nordia Room
DescriptionThe EUDAT initiative is a consortium of several major European data & compute centers and research community centers and organizations that are working towards the development and realisation of the Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) which aims to provide an interoperable layer of common data services and a common model for managing data spanning all European research data centres and data repositories to create a single European data infrastructure.

The EUDAT CDI is realised through ongoing collaboration between service providers and research communities working as part of a common framework for developing and operating common data services. The CDI Service Providers, both generic and thematic, form the core of the EUDAT realisation of the CDI, supplying hardware, software, or both to create the underlying service infrastructure.

The scope of the CDI covers data management functions and policies for upload and retrieval, identification and description, movement, replication and data integrity, encaptured in a set of concrete implementations of services conforming to the CDI model and standards.  

The presentation will shed light on the current status and latest plans of the initiative, including its relationship with the European Open Science Cloud and other upcoming initiatives, and also present the different opportunities and ways to engage with and join the CDI.

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