Releasing Attributes for Science! - Why does this seem so difficult?

Lukas Hämmerle
TrackTrack 3 Nautica Room
DescriptionFederated Identity Management (FIM) is all about using attributes. Not getting attributes as a federated service is a major problem because it makes FIM pretty much useless. However, not getting the required attributes is what currently all too often happens for services in some academic identity federations and also in eduGAIN, the worldwide authentication and authorization interfederation service for higher edcuation and researcher.

By not releasing any or too few attributes to federated services, university Identity Providers prevent their researchers, lecturers and students from benefiting from federated identity management. Why is that and what can federation and Identity Provider operators do about this?

This presentation highlights the issue and focuses on what identity federation operators can and should do to ensure that the services receive the attributes they need.

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