GÉANT Network Evolution: moving to a Software Defined Network

Mian Usman
SpeakerMian Usman
TrackTrack 1 Europaea Room
DescriptionIn this presentation, Mian Usman will present the latest version of the GÉANT Network Evolution Plan.   This plan sets out how the GÉANT network will evolve over the next 3 years.

Traditional networking technologies rely on vendor lock-in, and as a consequence, result in high costs in redeveloping our management system if we changing hardware suppliers. To be able to continuously introduce the new features most needed by the R&E community, GÉANT is investigating developing our own network operating environment.  This is being be developed in-house and will require collaboration with existing open source SDN initiatives to develop an orchestration framework and develop new services on top of this.
GÉANT’s long-term vision is to reduce the infrastructure needed to deliver the our services and manage this using vendor-agnostic software as well as to allow dynamic interaction between different network layers so the network is able to adapt based on the real-time demands. This will enable GÉANT to more effectively use the available capacity and networking resources instead of continuing to over-provision to avoid service degradation. An overlay of SDN data-planes will be introduced in parallel to the current Juniper network elements to allow a period of system hardening.
This presentation will also discuss the outcomes of the most recent GÉANT SDN software integration and system testing.

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