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Roland Hedberg, head of the Unconference session, evaluates the experimental session, new to the NORDUnet conference:

- A large part of the conference participants were present, between 150 and 200 I think. In my experience doing an Unconference session is more difficult with a large group than with a small one.

- Although people were a bit cautious in the beginning we ended up with a total of 9 themes to discuss, and that is quite remarkable. So there was no shortage of things to talk about, although people often think that the problem they are struggling with only is relevant to themselves, and usually that’s not the case. 

- I had submitted a topic myself and the discussion around that went very well. I was looking for experts on specific parts of the proposal, to get some feedback. And there were some people in the group that gave some very relevant input. 

List of topics discussed at the Unconference session:

- improving eduroam and WLAN performance in the Nordics in the future

- public/private partnership for IaaS and STaaS

- supporting schools with ICT

- concept (under extensive development) of the Next Generation Network-Integrated Architecture for major science programs

- Darknet aggregation, a collaborative security effort

- conversion time for federated metadata, metadata propagation experiment

- privacy and EUP

- next generation identity federations

- eduroam IDP in the cloud

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