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Dr Michael Grønager

Michael Grønager
NameMichael Grønager
Job titleDirector
BioMichael Grønager obtained his PhD in Quantum Mechanics from the Technical University of Denmark in 1998. He worked for 6 years at the former Danish Super computing Center where he participated in the startup and managing of several EU, Nordic and National projects related to HPC, grid-computing and virtual reality. From 2000 he was directing the Virtual Reality Center at the Technical University of Denmark, working with business models and commercialization strategies for open source software. In 2004 he started at the Niels Bohr Institute as the Danish representative in the EGEE project. He was from 2008 Director of the Nordic DataGrid Facility (NDGF) at NORDUnet A/S. He was member of the EGI Project Management Board, the EGI Technical Collaboration Board and at present he is member of the Board of the Swedish National Supercomputer Center, NSC, Linkjöping.
Since 2011 Michael has devoted his time to consultancy for the GEANT3 EU project as well as to a Bitcoin startup, Ceptacle, enabling digital online cash.