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  • Workshop: Center Operations best practices,Cont'd.
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Workshop: Center Operations best practices,Cont'd.

Bjørn Lindi
Session chairBjørn Lindi
DateMonday, 13 May 2013
Time13:30 - 15:00
DescriptionThe workshop is made by the HPC-centers for the HPC-centers and concerns all aspects related to the pragmatic practices of HPC, including infrastructure, services, facilities, large-scale application executions, etc.   
Preliminary agenda:  
15:30-15:50 CSC: "Kajaani Data Center -case study"
15:50-16:20 Met Coop - Operational numerical weather forecast for Norway&Sweden
16:20-16:40 PDC: ScalaLife Competence Center - Providing tailored made support to the computational Life Science communities
16:40-17:00 “Design and implementation of a energy efficient high density data center”, Mattias Wadenstein, HPC2N