A new LMS - not just a system change but a Salsa network!

Minette Henriksson
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TrackTrack 3 -- Krydsfeltet
DescriptionAfter more than four years of discussions, investigations, preparations and lobbying for an LMS at a collaboration base, we are now at the starting point for 15 universities in Sweden implementing Canvas. More will follow. There has been a period of blood, sweat and tears, but also a big interest and desire from the community to do this together.  

The procurement was led by Nordunet, with persons from Nordunet, SUNET and the universities. The LMS framework agreement with Canvas/Instructure was signed at the end of March 2017. We all thought that we by then could start the agreement process. But we were wrong. Finally, after a period of 9 months containing an appeal in several instances, the Canvas baby was born.  

During the long waiting period we started a collaboration between the universities. We wanted to be prepared and share best practice regarding implementing Canvas. Not just as a technical implementation but changing how our teachers uses the LMS, more focus on pedagogical parts less on administration.


Shortly afterwards we had a “course area” set up in Canvas, for communication and training and we also formed a network called SALSA, with representatives from each university. The idea is to use the tool to learn from and share knowledge between each other. We will during the presentation discuss and show parts of what the network is about and why collaboration is the way forward.  

Our long-time vision is that the universities should co-operate when we can, and compete when we need to. In the SALSA group we find good solutions, share them with each other and finds best practice. With the overall common goal to find the best way forward for our teachers and students, but in the end not to forget, also for the Swedish taxpayers.

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