T&I Hackaton - limited participation

Heather Flanagan
Session chairHeather Flanagan
TrackSidemeeting-I: AT PARK INN
DateMonday, 23 September 2019
Time08:00 - 15:00
DescriptionThe R&E community, from the scholarly information world to research communities to universities, all depend on digital identity and trust models. Come join us to work on the code that will grow the capabilities in the trust and identity arena at the first T&I Hackathon, offered in conjunction with the NORDUnet Technical Workshop and brought to you by REFEDS, Identity Python, and NORDUnet.  As with any Hackathon, this is about developers. It is not a day of tutorials and sessions - it’s about code. Do you have ideas for Identity Discovery? Join the seamlessaccess.org table to work on thiss.io. Do you have an idea for a new Satosa microservice? Join the Satosa developers table. Do you have some other idea for integrating new functionality to support assurance levels? Strong authentication? Come with your ideas and set up a table to start the work!  Registration for the Hackathon is part of the overall NORDUnet Technical Workshop. More details regarding data repositories and table signups closer to the event.  We look forward to seeing you there!